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Introductions, Please

Let me introduce myself... I am Bobbi Walker. I believe that each of us should find a way to do what we love in this life and if we can't do what we love, we can (at least) find a way to have fun doing what we do. Thus the name of the business: PlayHaven. I am the author of everything you'll find on this website (unless I tell you differently). I tend to write the way I talk and I enjoy incorporating humor (one of those playful aspects of me) into my writing. If you don't get some of my little jokes, not to worry, you are in good company.

The Sustainable Farmer

As the Owner of PlayHaven Farm LLC; I am what they call "a sustainable farmer", which means I use practices that mimic nature as much as possible, leave the land better off than I found it, and if you need more information about it... http://sustainableagriculture.net/about-us/what-is-sustainable-ag/. I started the business of farming in 2012 even though I've spent the last 20 years getting ready to do so by attending various Workshops and Classes offered in the Kansas City MO area by a variety of organizations among which being Extension and the Growing Growers Program. So if you have questions about Sustainable Farming that I can't answer, I know who to contact that CAN answer them!

The Sustainable Building Advocate

As the Project Manager of the PlayHaven Green Building Project AND the co-author of a green building tool: DYO® Kits: Green Building Decision Kit (offered by Hathmore Technologies, LLC); I have spent the last 30+ years dreaming of the day when I would be able to build an earth-friendly home. Since 30+ years ago, the very idea was pretty radical, I had to teach myself how to go about building that home. With no degrees or other "status" in the field, I surprise people with the amount of knowledge I have in the sustainable building arena. Over the years, I have met and learned from a tremendous group of individuals. So if you have questions about Sustainable Building that I haven't covered here or that I can't answer, once again I know who to contact that CAN answer them!

The Artist

As the Artist; I have expanded on my chosen career. It took me a long time to figure out what I wanted to be when I grew up (have I grown up yet??), so I didn't go to college right out of high school. It was 15 years later that I decided I needed to be artistically creative and went to college to get a degree in Commercial Art. I worked as an in-house Graphic Designer for a business before I started up my own business (Intuitive Design). Unfortunately, I decided to close the business the end of 2012 due to economic issues. -- BUT! I knew I still needed that creative outlet and started taking classes in Fine Art. (I am ever the student!) Come to find out, I have a talent for portraiture in addition to other photo-realistic subjects and I work in graphite! I have quality prints of my better pieces available for purchase in limited editions (from the General Store). I am also available for commissioned projects.

Now that you know about me, I would love to get to know you! Whether you are interested in learning hands-on about Sustainable Farming or just want to spend a few hours communing with nature, visitors are welcome (by appointment only, please). Contact information is located here.

Get On the List for the Farm's Annual Newsletter and Email Crop Notifications

You will need to contact me so I can put you on the books to get the Newsletter, etc. Do this by emailing me and include your name, phone number, and city in the email. Use this address: bobbi (put the "at" sign here) playhavengreen (and then the "dot" sign) com. (Don't you just hate that spammers have made providing an easy link for email nie unto impossible without one of those robotic, fill-in forms?)

The New Customer Packet is available in PDF here.

I do not ship food or plants. Make an appointment to come to the farm to purchase your food OR talk to me about delivering it to you at NO EXTRA CHARGE when you purchase $50.00 worth or more. I can only sell/deliver in Missouri, so if you live in Kansas... we’ll have to discuss finding a place in Missouri for that.

Remember, farming is primarily SEASONAL. Everything has to "grow up", so while you are reading about or putting in an order now, you will have to wait until everything is ready to be harvested to actually take it home.

House Renovation, the Green Way = Greenovation!

We were able to do a project in 2017 and two (2) projects in 2018! Join me in believing 2019 will provide abundant money and time to do more on the Greenovation, won't you?

The north porch was finally replaced and you can see images and read all about it here.

The house has new siding and has been painted, check out this page with photos and all.

The garage has french drains on the east and west sides that drain to daylight (near the closest stock pond). Photos and descriptions available here.

Check back on the Project List page for the other projects (coming soon, I hope).


Details about becoming a Sponsor are found here. And/OR if you find value in the website and just want to help out, your Monetary Donation is much appreciated!


July 21, 2019

Summer is in full force here. Heat and humidity mean outside chores are done early in the morning or late in the evening. One would think that means lazy days in between, but not so much.


The Japanese Beetles arrived just as the strawberries played out AND I have several pounds of frozen strawberries in the freezer ready for you that were picked before they arrived!

Thankfully, the blackberries are hardly effected by the beetles and there is a HUGE harvest this year! The hubby has been picking blackberries early in the morning every other day or so and they are frozen immediately after being cleaned and rinsed. They are also ready for you in our freezer. If you get here in the next week or so, there will still be some to pick yourself.

The aroniaberries are turning dark purple and, while not quite ready to harvest, are likely to be ready a bit earlier than usual. The Japanese Beetles (while annoying pests) do a good job making lace out of the leaves and thereby make the berries easier to find and the beetles should be gone by harvest time. Contact me (if you have not already) to get on my list and I will let you know when they are ready. You can pick your own or purchase them frozen as well.

The pawpaws are looking FABULOUS! Even the younger trees have fruit on them this year. We are expecting a large harvest! Contact me (if you have not already) to get on my list and I will let you know when they are ready. We aren't offering any discount for picking your own since the window of opportunity is SO short. Last year I froze some of the pulp as an experiment and we ate it during the winter. IT WAS GREAT... just like fresh! So, this year, I'll be freezing pulp in small batches to sell as well.

The apple trees, peach tree, and pear tree did not bloom this year, sadly. BUT the root stock of the apricot tree (which I let grow just to see what they used for the graft) was COVERED in blossoms this year and there is actual FRUIT now. It is tiny and looks very much like apricot; so once it is ripe, I'll let you know what it tastes like and you can decide if you want to share in the harvest. My guess is it will be tiny and sour. Aren't experiments FUN! :)


All went well getting the steers to processing on June 21st. Thanks to everyone who put out good vibes, prayers, intentions, etc. because Brisket (the "who cares about electrified polywire when I want to go to a new pasture" steer) broke OUT of the alley leading to the portable corral and then BACK IN on his own to be with the rest of the herd. WOW.

About halfway to Paradise Meats in Trimble we drove into a HUGE thunderstorm with driving winds, rain, lightning. Good thing the steers were in an enclosed trailer. We drove through the storm and by the time we arrived at our destination it was just drizzling and the steers were grateful to get out of the trailer and into the building! We picked up the resulting beef last week and it is safely stored in our freezers. The Retail Beef is ready for you to come get some! Click here for that information.

Unfortunately, the storm dumped A LOT of water and made the pasture TOO soggy for hauling out the rest of the herd that day. We rescheduled the transport for a week later and were happy it was warm and dry that week. The herd, in the meantime, spent their week by the pond and good grass. Moving them through the alley (again) was uneventful and they loaded easily. We were even able to shift them once in the trailer so that Domino and her calf were in the back section by themselves (less likely that the calf would be hurt). There is a photo provided by Farrar Family Farm of the herd unloaded at their new home and heading to the shade and their new herd-friends on our page on Facebook.

Today, Gabe texted us a photo of Nike and her new calf (girl with a full belt) which was born today! How very thoughtful of him to think of us. It really lets me know we waited for the right home for the herd.

You can find them at Farrar Family Farm and that is where I suggest you also turn to for your local, sustainably-farmed meat products (once our beef is sold out, of course, LOL). I am happy to see the bull and cows at a like-minded farm.


2018 Honey is still available in the glass jars! We have sold out of the 12 oz BPA-free plastic squeeze bottles. All the info about pricing etc. is on the page devoted to honey and honey-products, click here to go there.

I've pulled our Raw Honey from Stormy Acres Trading Co. (formerly the Mercantile of Odessa) and am looking for a Kansas City seller. There are still a few bottles at Sargent Auto Repair at the Grain Valley exit off of I-70 and the Hometown Yoga Studio on Action Road in Odessa. And, of course, you might as well pick some up here at the farm while you are getting the rest of our good stuff.


NOTICE! There IS retail beef available! Even though I'm biased, I have to tell you this beef is SO delicious! This will be the last year we offer this tasty, local, grass-fed AND finished beef and when it's gone, it's gone. It is all cryo-vac sealed and will easily be just like fresh for at least 2 years in a good freezer! I have put a list of what is available and for what price on the Grass-fed and Finished Beef For Sale page. Contact me to place an order and schedule your appointment to pick it up at the farm. I DO text now, so use the phone number found on the Contact page to call or text me or send me an email at the address provided.


See the info just above the Status Report for links to the most recent project. There is a separate page for each of them and, as always, you can check out the Project List page for easy navigation.


You can see examples here. Please contact me to schedule a commission or get a limited edition print for yourself or as a gift for someone else.

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