I really love our SavvyRest mattress. Let me just get that out of the way right now. The ONLY reason I decided to replace it was because my body mass is more than the compression could handle. Turns out I chose the wrong type of latex... I opted for soft instead of durable (totally my own doing). So my pressure points were aching and that made me wake up more often through the night to shift positions and my sleep wasn't as sound as it should have been. Honestly, it took me YEARS to finally decide to replace it because I REALLY LOVE THAT MATTRESS otherwise.

I went back to researching and this time I looked specifically for a mattress for heavy people. How embarrassing it is to say that. But it is what it is and just because I'm a big gal doesn't mean I'm not healthy. I just can't seem to reduce the mass.

Everything I found pointed to a mattress that was BOTH springs and latex foam. I considered getting box springs to go under the SavvyRest and the problem with that is (you guessed it!) WEIGHT. The 9" of latex foam is REALLY heavy and would compress those springs even before my weight was added. Harrumph.

I've chosen a Happsy mattress. (You can visit their website in a separate window by clicking here.)


(from the website)

Organic Comfort

Made without glues, adhesives or Flame Retardants

You want a comfortable night's sleep - we get it. After all, a good night's sleep is critical to your success and happiness. Some think that fancy engineered foams are the solution. It's actually the opposite! Mother Nature provides the most comfortable materials on earth - without the need for chemical engineering.

Feel the Happsy Difference

happsy mattress

I decided to add the mattress topper to increase the softness, but this time all the latex is the durable kind! (picture at right)

happsy topper

It is amazing how MANY eco-friendly and certified mattresses are available now! I had to do quite a bit of research and follow up to determine if what each company SAYS about their "green" attitudes/practices is backed up by evidence because there is also ALOT of "green-washing" these days. Don't know what that means? Green-washing is when they SAY they care and do all the right things but they actually DO NOT. They lie, to put it bluntly. Did you know the "Truth in Advertising" laws were allowed to lapse quite a while ago? Yep, our Representative Congress thinks it's OK for businesses to lie to us. That WE have to police them ourselves. (End of THAT rant.)

I really wanted to go back to SavvyRest (they DO have their own version of this combination mattress) but I was SO impressed with Happsy (and the price of their mattress) that I decided to "spread the love". LOL

I ordered the new mattress on Black Friday (special prices) so expected that there might be a delay in shipping and, VIOLA!, there was. I called to track delivery and was thrilled to get a person on the phone! He checked the order and confirmed that they had been overwhelmed by the volume of the Black Friday sales and that my mattress was scheduled to ship the next day. I received it as promised.

There was NO outgassing AT ALL for the day that we left it on the floor to fully decompress and while I dismantled the SavvyRest. The Happsy is now happily in place and after a week of sleeping on it, I am already getting better and deeper sleep. SO GRATEFUL!

What about the SavvyRest mattress? I'm so happy you asked! I put it on Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist with photos and full disclosure and calculated the price to 1/8 of what I paid for it. Silly me. No takers. BUT, did you know that there stores where you can "build" your own latex bed? You can buy individual layers of foam and covers for however many layers you want (up to 9 inches deep - is the maximum I've found so far). So, I'm going to cut up or shred the softest layers (most compressed) and use them to stuff cushions in my sofa/pillows/etc. Then I'm purchasing two (2) covers that will house the remaining layers to create two (2) twin XL mattresses which are 6" deep each. Since the weight will be much less, I'll get a box springs for each twin XL and VIOLA! ... extra beds for guests!

All that will remain is the original King cover. And I'm thinking I can sell that for the price of one of the twin XL covers I'm going to buy. Wishful thinking? I hope not. It is in pristine condition. Fingers crossed! (If I don't sell it, I'll give it away. At least it won't go into the landfill.)

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